Dahaad Season 1 Review

Dahaad Season 1 Review: A Thrilling Crime Drama Series

If you are a fan of crime dramas, then you might have heard of Dahaad, a new series that has been making waves in the entertainment industry. 

The show is produced by Eros Now and directed by Anurag Kashyap. The first season of Dahaad is a gripping tale of crime, corruption, and betrayal that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

 This article will review Dahaad Season 1 and discuss why it is worth watching.


Dahaad is a crime drama series that revolves around the life of a young IPS officer, Abha Mathur, posted in a small town called Bankipur. 

Abha is determined to clean up the corrupt police system and bring justice to the people. However, she soon realizes that corruption runs deep, and she has to fight against influential people to make a change.

Dahaad Season 1 cast

Dahaad Season 1 boasts a talented cast that brings the characters to life on screen. The lead role of police officer Avinash Mishra is played by Amit Sadh, who delivers a powerful performance. Other notable cast members include:

Each actor has done an excellent job in their respective roles, contributing to the show’s overall quality. The chemistry between the actors is also noteworthy, making the interactions between the characters more realistic and believable.


The first season of Dahaad has ten episodes, each around 40-45 minutes long. The series starts with the murder of a local politician, and Abha is tasked with investigating the case. 

As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes the murder is just the tip of the iceberg. She discovers a web of corruption, political power struggles, and illegal activities involving some of the town’s most influential people.

Abha is determined to bring the culprits to justice but faces numerous obstacles. She has to deal with corrupt politicians, crooked cops, and even her colleagues, who are trying to undermine her efforts. 

The series takes the viewers on a thrilling ride as Abha fights against all odds to solve the case.


The characters in Dahaad are well-crafted and well-acted, which adds to the overall appeal of the series. Abha Mathur, played by Rani Chatterjee, is the central character of the series. She is a strong, independent woman, unafraid to stand up against injustice.

 Rani Chatterjee delivers an outstanding performance as Abha and portrays the character with finesse.

Apart from Abha, the other characters in the series are equally well-defined. The corrupt politician, Brajesh Yadav, played by Vikrant Massey, is the series’s main antagonist. 

He is ruthless and cunning and will stop at nothing to protect his interests. Vikrant Massey gives a brilliant performance and quickly brings out the sinister side of the character with ease.

Direction and Cinematography

Anurag Kashyap, the series director, has done a commendable job of creating a gritty and realistic world. 

The series has a dark and moody tone, which sets the right atmosphere for a crime drama. The cinematography of the series is also top-notch. 

The camera work is smooth, and the shots are well-framed, which adds to the overall visual appeal of the series.


The music of Dahaad is composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, known for her work in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

 The music of the series is haunting and complements the show’s mood. The series’s theme song, “Dahaad Hai,” is particularly catchy and has become quite famous among viewers.


Is Dahaad Season 1 based on a true story?

No, Dahaad Season 1 is a work of fiction.

Is Dahaad Season 1 suitable for children?

The show contains violence and mature themes, so it may not be suitable for children.

How many episodes are there in Dahaad Season 1?

There are ten episodes in Dahaad Season 1.

Is Dahaad Season 1 available on any streaming platform?

Yes, Dahaad Season 1 is available on Eros Now.

Will there be a second season of Dahaad?

Currently, there is no official announcement regarding the second season of Dahaad.


Dahaad Season 1 is a must-watch for all crime drama enthusiasts. The series has a well-crafted plot, strong characters, and excellent direction and cinematography.

 The show has received positive reviews from both critics and viewers alike, and it is not hard to see why. If you are looking for a show that will keep you engaged and entertained from start to finish, then Dahaad Season 1 is the one for you. 

With its gripping storyline, compelling characters, and excellent production values, the series is a testament that Indian television can produce world-class content. So, go ahead and binge-watch Dahaad Season 1; you won’t regret it! Stay tuned for more news.

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